Serb Fashion Company has been in operation since 1985. The company has evolved with time to become
the leader in the high end commercial menswear retail business in Kuwait. It is important to note that the
managing director’s presence in Kuwait in this field has been since 1965, giving him a thorough understanding
of the overall Kuwaiti and Gulf market.

Serb Fashion is well known in the Kuwaiti market consisting of six retail outlets. Hugo Boss Flagship, Hugo Boss
Orange Label, Concorde Fanar, Concorde Salmiya, Serb Marina and Serb Salmiya.

These outlets are positioned in the most important malls in Salmiya such as Fanar Mall, Marina Mall, and
Mariam Complex. These locations are known to carry some of the most prestigious collections in Kuwait.
Some of the internationally renowned brands Serb Fashion carries are Hugo Boss Black Label, Hugo Boss
Orange Label, Hugo Boss Green Label, Pal Zileri, Corneliani, Van Gils, Umberto Bilancioni, Cortigiani,
Jacques Britt, Jaguar, Joop, Aldo Brue, Henry Cotton, Marina Yachting, Sonneti, Firetrap, and Full Circle.

In addition to these internationally renowned brands, Serb Fashion carries and develops a private-label
brand named Graffiti, a medium priced collection of men's classic and casual wear. This brand is being
fully developed from designing the collection to marketing it in the Company’s specially designed locations.

Serb Fashion’s overall objective is to extend its market position to become the market leader in the
readymade, medium to high end, menswear business. In addition, the company is looking for opportunities
to enter the highly successful food and beverage franchise market in Kuwait.