Serb Fashion Company respects and will protect your privacy.

We will use your information according to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Whether you are an existing customer at Serb Fashion or a new client to our shops, we declare that any information provided by you in the application form, will be treated with utmost confidentiality and security, and will not be shared with any third party, unless an approval is obtained from you.



The loyalty cards issued herewith are and will remain the property of Serb Fashion Company, which reserves the right to amend the conditions and benefits of the loyalty program at any time, as well as to withdraw the card, without prior notice.

If your card is lost, damaged, or needs replacement please contact our main offices directly.
The loyalty cards are acceptable only at the stores mentioned below. The loyalty cards will only work in the branches belonging to the loyalty program you are enrolled under.

Boss Loyalty Card Branches

  1. Boss Black – Mariam Complex – Salmiya – T: 57 47 840
  2. Boss Orange – Marina Mall – Salmiya – T: 57 23 763

Concorde Loyalty Card Branches

  1. Concorde – Old Souk – Salmiya – T: 57 48 108
  2. Concorde – Fanar Mall – Salmiya – T: 57 55 381
  3. Concorde – Marina Mall – Salmiya – T: 57 23 762


1. Inclusion in the rewards program:

  a. Earn points for your purchases and receive gift certificates delivered personally to you. You will be able to use these gift certificates at your next visit to any showroom mentioned above based on the loyalty program you are enrolled under.
  b. Gift certificates will be issued at the end of every season only.  March 1 is the date of issue for the winter season. October 1 is the date of issue for the summer season. These certificates can be redeemed within a limited time frame as will be evident on the certificate itself.
  c. It is important to note that the more purchases you accumulate for the season at hand, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the larger the gift certificate will become.
  d. Points can be earned only by the cardholder.

2. Pre-sale notifications to loyal customers.

3. Email / SMS notifications of new collection arrivals.

4. Latest brand and company news.

5. Surprises on your birthday.

6. Special surprise promotions throughout the year, with specific terms and conditions.